Friday, July 31, 2015

Confessions of a New Pastor

Well, I am not exactly a “new pastor,” but I am new at St. Patrick’s and St. Anthony’s. Well, on second thought, I am more recycled than new. Whatever my classification, I am glad to be back with you here in Jefferson County.
When I went to Potsdam five years ago, I thought that I would be retiring there when I reached age 75. It seems that the Holy Spirit and his associates had other plans. Since my last posting in Jefferson County (Alexandria Bay which I left in 2006), the area has continued to change. What one can see with the naked eye has undergone many transformations.
What has not changed in our constant need to evangelize. The numbers of practising Catholics has continued to dwindle. There are probably as many reasons or excuses as there are people. We cannot cure the reason or excuse that people may have. What we can do is continue to promote, live, publicize, invigorate the message of Jesus and his Church, a message that brings life and eternal life. Looking for the meaning of life in any other program or place is a total waste of time. Why would anyone look for life apart from the author of human and divine life.
We are losing our sons, our daughters, and their children. We, all of us without exceptions need to reach out to them. Start with your own family, your friends. Being firm in our faith may not be politically correct for some. However, being firm in our faith is both spiritually and humanly essential.