Monday, August 10, 2015

Bingo! St. Anthony's

ImagesIt’s great to yell out Bingo! because that means some money.  However, to provide that opportunity to people and to bring money to the parish, we need people to volunteer to work on bingo.  Please consider giving your time and talent to this weekly project (Friday evenings except during July andAugust).  With five bingo teams. you would have to work 3 to 3.5 hours once every five weeks.  If you are willing to give that amount of time once every five weeks, then you would help St. Anthony’s earn about $35,000 per year.  What a great opportunity to serve the parish and the bingo players in the area.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Worship Materials at St. Anthony's

For the past few years at St. Anthony’s, we have used the Seasonal Missals and an annual Music Issue.  The publisher has informed us that only the large print edition will be available beginning in 2016.  the large print edition is truly much easier to read.  However, the down side to that for us is that our racks are not large enough to hold this new edition. The publisher also has other formats available including a missal called Breaking Bread.  This publication has all of the Sunday readings and music currently in the publications that we use.  However, they will all be in one book that will be used for the whole year. So, after thinking about all the options open to us and knowing that the current racks will not accommodate what is available to us, I decided to opt for Breaking Bread.  The change will occur on the first Sunday of Advent.  In the mean time, I will discuss with the liturgy committee various options for placing the missals in the pews.  Breaking Bread will also replace the Heritage Missal currently in use at St. Patrick's.

Annual Bishop's Fund Appeal - 2015

Each year we have the opportunity to appreciate and to understand the ministry that is done at the diocesan level for the benefit of all parishes.  Sometimes, as a parish, we think that we can do everything ourselves.  However, the ministries supported by the Bishop’s Fund at the diocesan level really support and provide assistance to what is accomplished at the parish level.  As the graphic below says: we are “United in One Family."

Each year, each parish has two goals: a financial goal and a participation goal.

St. Patrick

  • Financial Goal - $36,341
  • Participation Goal - 165 donors

St. Anthony

  • Financial Goal - $21,811
  • Participation Goal - 190 donors 

 2015 BFA Poster

Thursday, August 6, 2015

The Reality of Finances

We never like speaking about money, but we, likewise, know that money is needed in life to make things happen. Parish life is no different. We have included on the webpage our latest financial reports for 2014-2015 for St. Patrick’s, St. Anthony’s, and Glenwood Cemetery. I thank you for your generosity in supporting your parishes and ministries. A close look at the financial reports will show the reality that our ordinary income is not meeting our ordinary expenses. I will report more on that in the future when I have had a chance to review carefully our financial status. In the meantime, I thank your for your ongoing financial support of the parishes.

Click here to view the financial reports.