Friday, September 4, 2015

Ministry to the Homebound

We must never forget our parishioners who are now homebound and are no longer able to come to church for regular worship.  We want to stay in touch with them so that they can receive Holy Communion and the sacrament of Penance as desired.
   Already, we have dedicated parishioners who regularly bring Holy Communion to Samaritan Medical Center, Samaritan Keep Home, the Summit, and Angels' Inn.  We, along with you, are most grateful for this precious ministry that they exercise on behalf of the parish.
     Many more are at home.  We know that some are visited by Eucharistic ministers, but we do not necessarily know who they are.  It is very important that there be some kind of central listing of who the homebound are and who is now bringing them Holy Communion.  Likewise, we want to reach out to those homebound who are not being visited for the Sacraments.  We are grateful to the individual Eucharistic Ministers who are taking care of the homebound, but we need to know who they are so that they can continue to be seen if you go on vacation or are away for any extended period of time.
     Father Christy is taking charge of this ministry.  If you are now bringing holy communion to someone, please let him know.  If you know a homebound person who is not being visited, please let him know.  Again, we want to make sure that no one is forgotten!

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