Friday, February 17, 2017

New Resident - 850 Arsenal St.

Most of you know that I have a cat - Reggie for Regina.  She is a very friendly cat and loves attention and people.  However, I recently added a new member to the family - Snickers, a golden doodle, born Nov 22, 2016.  Snickers is also a female.  The encounter between Snickers and Reggie has not exactly been a match made in heaven.  However, after two weeks, they seem to endure one another.  There have been no bruises, scrapes, bumps, or bites...just an occasional bark from Snickers or an occasional hiss from Reggie.
   Probably, Reggie feels that her turf has been invaded.  Snickers just wants to engage in puppy play with Reggie.  However, Reggie is far beyond puppy play.  She's a tad more sophisticated, as any cat lover would tell you.
    Both Snickers and Reggie love does their owner.  So, do not hesitate to stop in and visit our newest parishioner.

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  1. Hi Monsignor! It was nice to see you a week ago in Potsdam. Glad to see the kids are getting along, and to know that you are still blogging. God Bless, Patty Moosbrugger :-)