Sunday, November 29, 2015

Hymnals - Breaking Bread

Both St. Patrick's and St. Anthony's are now experiencing new hymnals.  At St. Patrick's we have switched from The Heritage Missal to Breaking Bread.  The format is very much the same.  So, the transition is not as dramatic as it is for St. Anthony's.  At St. Anthony's, we have also switched from two books (Missalette and Music Issue) to Breaking Bread.  Something had to change at St. Anthony's because the printing company was no longer going to produce the smaller print Missalette and Music Issue.  All of their publications would be the easier to read larger print.  Also, Breaking Bread was chosen because it would contain everything that we needed and would need to be changed only once a year.  However, the racks in the pews were not the right size.  Also, some of the plastic racks had begun to break.  So, we have removed them.  The new ones should be here before Christmas, and we hope to have them installed in time for Christmas.  The new ones will be wood.  When they come, we may need some volunteers to help install them.  Stay tuned!

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