Sunday, November 29, 2015

Reaching Out To Those In Need

Hardly a day goes by without someone coming to the rectory door looking for assistance.  As you know, most of the assistance that we give to people is given through the Watertown Urban Mission, a great organization specifically missioned to help those in need.  Part of its work consists in providing all kinds of assistance.  The food that the parishes donate at Thanksgiving and at other times of the year is given to the Watertown Urban Mission.  However, I do keep a little bit of it to assist those families who may fall through the cracks and, for whatever the reason, may need food before Urban Mission is able to help.  The Mission has some very clear policies and procedures that it follows.  These policies are ultimately for the common good.  But, every now and then, there is a special need.
   The people of St. Anthony's have the custom of bringing food each first Sunday of the Month.  Beginning with December, instead of putting the food by the Mary shrine, I am asking that the food be placed in the area of the baptismal font.  Placing the food there will make it easier to transport later to Urban Mission.

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