Friday, December 18, 2015

The Rosary - A Powerful Prayer and A Prayer of Spiritual Power

We should all know about the power of the rosary.  In fact, images of the rosary abound almost as frequently as images of the crucifix.  This powerful prayer has been the mainstay of many saints...and sinners.  All of us fit somewhere in those two categories.  We should strive to make the rosary a part of our spiritual repertoire.
   At St. Anthony's we have installed a new rack for rosaries.  The rosaries that are there are for anyone to use.  Also, if you would like to have your own rosary, please take one to keep. We can easily replace the rosaries with new ones.  In your prayer, please pray that more men and women will respond to God's invitation to dedicate their lives to ministry in the church.
  Thank you to Pat Fontana who made this rack.  As you enter the church, the rack is to your left, under the memorial to our donors.

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