Friday, January 8, 2016

Best Lent Ever

Lent begins on February 10 - not really that far away.  Plan on spending the best Lent ever!  At Christmas, we gave out the book Rediscover Jesus.  Here is a way to Rediscover Jesus using the book and online.
    This Lent, Dynamic Catholic has a great opportunity for our parishes--a free email program called "Best Lent Ever."  And guess what?  The program is based on Matthew Kelly's new bestseller Rediscover Jesus.
     Each day you will get an inspirational email with a short video featuring Matthew Kelly and a member of the Dynamic Catholic Team.  Throughout Lent, they will guide you through each of the 40 chapters in Rediscover Jesus and share simple ways to bring Jesus into your everyday life.
     I hope that you will joint me for this free program!  All you have to do is sign up at
     Let's do something life-changing this Lent.  Let's take a 40-day spiritual journey to encounter Jesus -- and ourselves -- in a deeply personal way!

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