Thursday, September 15, 2016


A whole summer has gone by, at least almost, without my making any entries into this blog.  So, let
me chat about a few things.
   First of all, many have asked if I am going to have surgery on my back.  Some have noticed that I walk differently and seem to limp.  I categorize it as walking like an old man!  When I went to the doctor and said that I am walking like an old man, he asked what is unusual about that.  After all, I am 72.  In any case, about 30 years ago when I was at St. Patrick's I had a ruptured disk, and was operated on at Mercy Hospital.  Since then I have done pretty well.
   However, an MRI and a nerve conduction study have revealed spinal stenosis and the extent of it.  The doctors have spoken about surgery and also about less aggressive measures.  I am trying a medication that, so far, has provided quite a bit of relief and allows me to stand in one place without feeling much pressure.  One of the side effects for some using this medication has been drowsiness.  So far, I have noticed that side effect.  Hopefully, you have not noticed it either!
     We had a very successful Mount Carmel Feast this year.  Great attendance!  Great participation of so many parishioners and the Men's Mount Carmel Society to help make the 100th anniversary so successful.  A full financial report was provided in the parish bulletin a few weeks ago.
     Also, here on the website you can download the 2015-2016 financial statements for both parishes. Under the "new" link there is a link for the financial statements.  Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.
     We had a beautiful parish picnic at the end of July for both parishes on the grounds of St. Anthony's.  Lots of food and entertainment and enjoying one another's company.  We also used this event as an official good-bye to Fr. Christy who has returned to India.  We are all so grateful to him for being with us for almost two years.
     We have recently welcome Fr. Das to our parishes.  Father is learning his way around Watertown and around the two parishes.  I have asked him to focus much of his attention to the sick and homebound of whom there are many in both parishes.  Please make sure that you take a moment to introduce yourself to Fr. Das.
     We also had our annual pilgrimage and picnic to Dablon Point.  It was a perfect day to be there.  We celebrated the Eucharist on the lawn of the camp of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart.  Unfortunately, at the last minute our caterer fell ill.  So, we had to disperse to our own locations without a picnic.  We'll try again next year!
     Of course, Immaculate Heart Central has opened its doors again this year.  Over the summer there was a major renovation of the floors at the primary building (the former Holy Family School).  In addition, at the intermediate building (the former St. Patrick's School) the gymnasium floor was removed and replaced with a new hard wood floor.  Also, the bleachers were refurbished and now work properly with the help of an electric mechanism.
     Our Faith Formation programs at the parishes began on September 11.  On September 18 we recognized the work of our catechists with an official commissioning ceremony.
     The month of September brings each year the Bishop's Fund Appeal.  I will write more about that in another blog post.

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